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Hi there, and welcome to, the worlds #1 source for news, articles, and information related to technology.  Here at VisualHub, we understand how fast things are moving.  Think about it, it was just a few years ago when talking to someone face to face over a cell phone seemed like only a dream, now it is a daily occurrence.  With the social graph, it makes things so easy to see and understand.

We want to turn the internet into a visual space.  A place where you not only read information, but see it, for all the beauty that it is.  There is so much new information out there, there is no possible way for us to give you everything.  We don’t believe in hiring guest writers.  We don’t believe it is the best user experience to give you thousands of garbage articles, and useless information.

At VisualHub, we want this site to be your Hub for technology.  In doing so, we will only provide you with high quality information, when you need it most.

In 2014 and beyond, technology isn’t going to be about the next new iPhone, or the newest gadget, it’s going to be about how we can get the most out of these gadgets in our lives.


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